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Why Electro?

With so many electronic cigarette companies out there why would you choose Electro? Electro cigarettes aren't just another retailer selling a factories product, we are heavily involved in product development in China and are even involved with the actual designer of the cigarette themselves!

When you use our services you know you are not just buying a commercial brand but are in fact using a company more heavily involved in the electronic cigarette product than anyone else out there.

Quality was the most important factor when we started out and this is reflected in what we offer, we wanted to have every confidence in our products when going to retail and we certainly have this.


Economical - 75% Cheaper Than Traditional Cigarettes!

Smoking an Electro electronic cigarette will save you a lot of money. With it saving you upto 70% the financial benefits are huge. If you smoke 20 a day you would save approximately £1750 a year by converting to Electro!

If you are selling Electro in your establishment you will have a great USP & your customers will be grateful as they will not have to go outside to smoke keeping them in to spend more than they would have done!

Allowing staff to 'smoke' freely at their desk with this harmless & legal solution will certainly make your productivity increase.

You may be the first licensed premises, office or public building in your town to offer legal indoor 'smoking' - over 300,000 businesses have chosen to do so worldwide with more starting every day.


Healthier - No Tobacco, No Harmful Chemicals, No Tar!

Electro emulate the physiological and psychological process of smoking, yet contain NO Tobacco, NO Tar & NO Harmful Carcinogens.

Electro Cigarettes are available in different strengths so that you can continue to 'smoke' in your usual and familiar fashion but in a less harmful manner. We also provide refills in Menthol flavour.

Electro Cigarettes don't give you Smokers Breath and do not harm your fertility levels, 2 of the more personal but important benefits of being an Electro smoker.


Legal - 'Smoke' Anywhere!

Electro Cigarettes have NO TOBACCO and are never LIT in any way - Thus entirely avoiding ALL smoking restrictions.

Electro Cigarettes allow you to completely circumvent the smoking ban & provide you or your customers with a legal & familiar way to satisfy the nicotine craving.

Our products are Guaranteed to replicate the smoking experience more authentically than other electronic cigarettes. With Electro you get plenty of "smoke" and a delicious, sumptuous & smooth cigarette taste.


Quality Assurance & International Warranty

Electro products are rigorously tested and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assesment.

As a UK based company we offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our range . As market leaders we pride ourselves on our exemplary & rigorous standards.

All of our products meet European standards and are ROHS, SGS and CE certified. Our E-liquids are also FDA certified.

Electro Products